Happy Wedding Season!

Hello all, happy wedding season! As we all know, weddings are a time of craziness, insane planning, and organization that may make you feel hectic! But fear no more, Dreams Bridal is here to make it all a little easier with our tips and tricks! 

1. SOMETHING is bound to not be completely perfect- and that is okay! No wedding is ever 100% perfect. Don't stress over little hiccups, and remember your guests are there for YOU- they won't even notice if a flower is out of place or if your flower girl decides it would be better to cry down the aisle instead! Remember to laugh!

2. Keep a master list. Even in daily life, we tend to make 1000 different to do lists and just keep them all in a giant pile. This leads to a chaotic mind thinking, "Wait, did I add that? Is it on the paper at home or here in my purse?" If you keep one giant to do list with you at all times, it'll feel much easier!

3. Remember how BEAUTIFUL you are and to take care of yourself during this crazy process so you can feel beautiful on your day! If you get run down and tired, you won't feel like yourself. It is okay to ask for help in planning and prepping (and we here at Dreams LOVE to help, even if it's just to chit chat about flower colors or something as grand as help you fall in love with a dress!)

4. Don't forget what this day is all about- LOVE! It is all about you and your fiance, and the love you share! This day marks the start of a beautiful journey, so absorb every second. 

We are always here to help take some stress off! We are able to dress your entire wedding party in one location, and help you create the picture you have had in mind for your wedding since day one! 

Little girls with dreams grow up to be brides-to-be with planning to do, and as hectic as it is, remember how magical a wedding is at the same time. 


Dreams Bridal 

The turn of a New Year

Well hello all, its been quite awhile since we have taken to our blog.  We are going to try to do better but as we all know life is busy and good intentions are sometimes just that.

However, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of my customers over the past 2+ years that we have been in business.  We have seen over 200 brides, we have new little babies on the way, gained friends and sometimes now family along the way.  Most have been excited and enchanting to work with and a few we have fallen short on.  

We have learned that no matter how hard you try you can't be everything to everybody but with that said we will continue to try, that bad reviews do hurt right to the core and we will continue to work hard because this is what we believe we are supposed to be doing.  We have learned that there truly are two sides to every story and you shouldn't believe everything you read online because it isn't always the entire story.  

We have been blessed to work with Katie's, Sarah's, Lisa's, etc......each one of our gorgeous brides bring so much pride and joy into our hearts.  We wait on any given weekend to see the first images on Facebook of those fully in love faces.  We have been there when brides have invited ladies to be part of their wedding day, when the men try on their tuxedos and look handsome for that special day, we have met sisters, mothers and grandparents as well.  Ladies when you walk out of our door please know you are missed!

We have had bumps in the road as we moved locations and found ourselves in a beautiful new space but consider ourselves very fortunate to be in such great company.

As we look toward 2018 we only hope to continue to provide the best experience and service that you have come to expect from us.  Again thank you to all who have allowed us to be part of your wedding journey.  We continue to feel grateful and blessed that God has continued to bring us on this incredible ride.  Merry Christmas to you all!  

From the very bottom of my heart,

Love, Renee and The Staff of Dreams Bridal

HI HO HI HO on to the 3rd we go!

Hello All~ 

What a time I am having learning and creating as I go.  The past 3 weeks have been a whirl wind and one that I wake up every day and pinch myself to remember that this is my life!  I am extremely grateful for this opportunity I have been given.  Being grateful is a wonderful place to live but if I said I stay in that space all day every day I would be lying. (Here comes my truth) I have spent a bit of time as of late wondering.....

Did I pick the right dresses, Are the price points right, Am I giving good service to all that enter my doors???  I know this is all natural and I will learn more in time.  I bring this up so that you, all who choose to read these wonderful postings every week, may understand that small business is hard!  That I have learned in the 3 big weeks I have been opened.  You can spend time in self doubt wondering if you are doing the right things.  I did however read somewhere, I think maybe Facebook, isn't that where we get all our good advice!  That's a joke BTW.  Anyway I digress, I read that when you shop small business you are helping to pay for someones dance classes or maybe a hockey jersey or two. Which brings me to my point, with prom on it's way I want to remind all that online shopping although easy and sometimes cheaper is not always what it is cracked up to be.  In my short time since I have been opened I have tried desperately to help not 1 not 2 but 5 mishaps from the internet.  Either it came in and it wasn't what they ordered or it didn't come in at all.   I myself went on this past summer to buy a bathing suit that when it FINALLY came in wouldn't fit my 4 year old niece. I kid you not the bottoms maybe were 8" wide.  So please be careful when you shop online make sure you are on a reputable site and secured checkout.  I do understand wanting a good deal and not having a ton of money to drop on a Homecoming dress, Prom attire or a wanting to save money on your wedding  but remember if it seems to good to be true it probably is.  Ok i am done with that!  Thank you for staying with me.  I have copied a link to a helpful article on how to protect yourself online from the Better Business Bureau.  


If you haven't been by the store to say hello WELL what are you waiting for.  I love to show everyone around.  It continues to get colder so stock up on hot cocoa and good DVD's.   I would be remiss if I didn't mention that tonight is the 138th meeting of an epic football tradition the Gardiner Tigers travel to Cony to meet the Rams tonight.  So here's my shout out Let's go Black and Orange....Play Hard, Play Smart, Play as a Team...isn't that some good life advice!

Have a great week everyone!



Second Week Thoughts

Hello All...me again!  

Phew what a week!  I have had the greatest week meeting new brides and learning about their special day, their engagements and the loves of their lives.

It's been two weeks since I cut that beautiful ribbon and welcomed everyone in.  I believe that everyone who has walked through the doors has seen my vision and realized what I have been striving for since the first day that we ripped carpet out of this space.  I have forever wanted all women to embrace their inner goddess, to love the sparkle and glitter in life.

How do you do that you may ask?  Well funny I think I know or at least I  am learning and passing it along to each person who walks in.  I believe by wanting to really get to know the people walking in, to really care about their story and want them to feel the most beautiful they can feel.  Being genuine for people and love!  I know right I may possibly be in love with love! Guess what I am in the right business then.  

This week I have learned that each and every one of us have something we don't like about our selves AND that the people in our lives who love us never see that!  My advise when you come dress shopping...remember that the man who put the ring on it....loves you exactly the way you are!  NO diets or gyms with change that.  My last word of advise and I am done for this week.  Come in with an open mind...let each one of my beauties have the opportunity to speak to you sometimes you will be surprised!  Alright I am done for now....cheers to love and weddings!  



First Week! Wow

Hello All!

It's been quite a week so far!  What a journey I have been on.  The store is unbelievably beautiful, I envisioned it and it came to life just as I wanted.  The pinks and silvers look simply gorgeous. I hope all of you will love it like I do!  I feel like I am introducing my new baby and hoping everyone loves her the way I do.  

This week has been busy, fun and an adventure all rolled into one.  Meeting brides, their moms and friends is the one reason I wanted to be in this business.  To help each one of you is my dream!  I have had those asking for simple, elaborate and everything in between.  Looks like lace is here to stay and brides in Maine love Ivory AND White!

I am learning every day what each bride might want to see in the store, how they want to look and feel for that special day.  Speaking on learning, websites are challenging, Facebook is my friend and you shouldn't wait too long to catch up on quickbooks.  LOL just alittle laugh for this new business owner.

It seems that outdoor and barn venues are quite popular for next year.  How awesome in this beautiful state we live in to be able to plan around the stunning backdrop mother nature creates.   

So there are a few of my random thoughts on my first week open.  I can't wait to see where this new adventure takes me and to meet more people on the journey.

Thank you all for a great first week!